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Agriculture Solar Solutions

Agriculture Solar Solutions has been great blessing for several little cities and villages in Pakistan. It is sad, however true that there are lots of villages in Pakistan wherever electricity has not reached. Lots of villages faced electricity problem and due to this the agriculture system disturbed.We complain regarding power cuts in cities, however several villagers make do agriculture without any power.

Rural Pakistan still depends on either kerosene lamps or little diesel generators. Diesel generators ar terribly costly to control as they consume lots of expensive fuel. Generators release dangerous and toxic fumes. kerosine lamps, on the opposite hand, are quite unsafe to use. Every year, thousands of fireplace accidents are caused in villages owing to kerosine lamps.However the Agriculture solar Solution  is the best option for agriculture and this solar system is cost-effective and meet their requirements.

So UB Solar Renewables Company provides best and low cost and most efficient solar panels or solar products for agriculture.Our products are reliable , easy to install and easy to use.

Power You Can Depend On

UB Solar Solutions are basically designed to be more effective and reliable and more advanced ,and harvest up to 65% solar energy per square foot in first 24Years,so you can easily grow up your business faster and smarter than ever.

Tubewell Solar System

Agriculture is the base of economy in Pakistan,there are lots of areas where land is extremely fertile, but due to no electricity or unavailability of light Irrigation is most expensive. Not simply that even these days there ar several regions in Pakistan wherever attributable to non-availability of electricity pumping water is additionally out of the question.

To overcome these issues we have a ability to introducing our best water pumping system at a awfully reasonable price with high reliableness. star water pumps are specially designed to raise water for irrigation, husbandry farms, gardens, domestic use, drinking and alternative similar applications. These systems are best alternatives for areas wherever there's no electricity or insufficiency of power provide. The specially designed modules of the system will stand up to extreme climate like storm, rain and mud and ar impact resistant.

UB Solar Renewables Provides best solar solutions for agriculture.We install lots of solar water pumps in agriculture field.Alpha solar follow the Environment , Safety & Health standards (HSE) strictly while Install or deploying our solar system for Agriculture . We can supply different types of solar tubewell and solar energy for agriculture.