Benefits of Solar System


More than 95 percent of all solar systems are made of silicon, which is made of quartz sand and abundant in the earth’s crust. The frames, elevators and electrical components are also made of recyclable material and are therefore not considered environmentally hazardous.

Amortization period of thermal solar systems

Taking into account all these aspects, the payback period for Domestic water heating systems is about one and a half years, combined systems for process water treatment and heating support have a value of about two to four years.

Payback period of photo voltaic systems

In determining the payback period of photo voltaic systems, the financial, the “monetary” factor is often calculated before the energetic factor. The amount of the feed-in tariff, the duration, the acquisition costs and the annual energy yield are decisive for determining this value of photo voltaic systems. 


  •  Benefits of solar system: Solar energy is infinitely available in its origin
  •  Electricity and hot water are generated in a simple, environmentally friendly and climate-friendly way
  •  Solar plants and photo voltaic systems have a manufacturer-guaranteed lifespan of more than 20 years
  •  Solar systems are easily assembled and connected in a very short time
  •  Solar energy is independent of fossil fuels
  •  Short transport routes reduce high energy losses between groups and consumers
  •  Own energy production makes consumers more independent of the price targets of the energy companies
  •  Normally, the construction of a solar system requires no building permit
  •  Legally regulated funding possibilities and favorable financing offers of the credit institutes make the investment in a solar system still interesting
  • Solar energy is infinitely available in origin
  • Like solar energy from wind, water or biomass, solar energy is also infinitely available in its source from sunlight. The sunlight is inexhaustible in its occurrence and can thus theoretically unlimited stored and used.
  • Electricity and hot water are generated in a simple, environmentally friendly and climate-friendly way
  • The production, function and disposal of the individual components of a solar system must be considered – and every single point is equally environmentally friendly and climate-friendly.
  • These are the benefits of solar system.