LED Lights by UB Solar

LED Lights

UB Solar has Partnered with the best leading LED Lights makers to ensure products quality for outdoor and indoor applicants.


LED Lights are safer and easy to use these light not get hot like others lights and bulbs and LED Lights have not contain fluorescent and mercury so LED Lights are safer and easy to use and they are environment friendly lights

LED Lights are cheaper and low cost lights.These lights consumes 85% less power than the other normal lights ,bulbs and their life span almost 6 Years.So u can us these lights 24 hr fir business operations or about 10 year or more .No need to turn off lights in a day just turn off light at night these lights are reliable and cheaper and safer .LED Lights are Durable and save your electricity.

Healthier Lights
When you use these light then you don't have headaches,flicker and eye strain problem because these lights are totally different from other bulbs or lights.

Lights in Urban Areas

Help your town excel at night. High-quality illumination from our star power-driven systems brings out the most effective in your urban landscape, creating residents feel proud. And by employing a inexperienced and property energy supply, you’re being kind to the surroundings too.

Enjoy Lights on Flood and Areas

Make that daylight feeling last for extended. UB Solar power-driven flood and space lighting provides clear, refreshing illumination that's excellent for sporting and recreation events. Bring new comfort to your living and activity areas whereas keeping your energy prices low.

Improving Lights in Rural Areas

Bring your community along. star power-driven semiconductor diode lighting permits native folks to try and do activities along once dark, even in areas with no electricity. As a result, rural communities have an evening time venue for sport and alternative necessary pursuits like health care, business, and education.

led street lights
street lights

UB Solar presenting cost effective and convenient way to lights your streets.UB Solar street light system provide good light best and clear visibility for drivers and predestines. Street LED Lights are very cost effective and sustainable and reliable.