Solar Inverters

UB Solar Renewable Company Provides High Quality Solar Inverters in all over the Pakistan

Solar Inverters

We provides best and high quality Solar inverters .We offer you the right device for every application: for all types of modules, for grid coupling and feeding in island grids, for small house systems and industrial plants in the megawatt range.

Without an inverter, photo voltaic systems would not work: They convert the direct current generated by solar modules into alternating current. This can then be consumed itself or fed into the public grid. In addition, they are responsible for the control of the grid feed-in and monitor the grid connection. Inverter are available in different versions. UB Solar offers a wide range of Solar Inverter.

We have different types of inverter our main inverters are Hybrid Solar Inverter or Off/Grid Inverter and On Grid Solar Inverter these we offered these inverter .

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Solar Inverters We Preffered

Hybrid / Off Grid Inverters

Infini Solar Inverter

Axpert Solar Inverter

ON-Grid Inverters

SMA Solar Inverter

Fronious Solar Inverter

Schneider Solar Inverter

Goodwe Solar Inverter

Outback Solar Inverter