Why Solar Energy ?

Why Solar Energy ?

Because you care about the future and your independence. Solar energy reduces the costs of your energy consumption significantly and protects the environment. Because fossil fuels and uranium are scarce and are becoming increasingly scarce. Thus, assuming energy demand is increasing globally by 2.2% annually as currently, the reserves of coal (65 years), natural gas (38 years), petroleum (30 years) and uranium (40 years) will be used up in this century. Anyone can imagine how this affects the prices. In addition, their degradation and consumption are harmful to the environment and the environment.

The sun provides energy without end. It still seems for at least 4 billion years. The silicon used to make the solar cells is the second most abundant element on Earth after oxygen. We all know the dangers of nuclear power generation. Renewable energies can completely replace nuclear power. And that would be desirable too.

Time to rethink

With a solar system on the roof you generate electricity from solar energy. Solar energy is available almost infinitely and helps to reduce harmful CO2 emissions. To love them, their children and the environment.


12 Good Reasons for Solar Power

Anyone can produce solar electricity - electricity can be generated from solar energy on every roof, on every acreage or in the form of investments in plants.
✓Photo voltaic systems are subsidized by the state and bring money.
✓Solar electricity is the best way to generate electricity: mounted on existing roofs, the roof is conserved, the micro climate in the apartment below is improved, and CO2-free electricity is generated, which is usually sufficient for the residents.
✓Solar current increases the quality of life: It is simply a good feeling to generate clean electricity without polluting the environment and less sweating in the attic
✓Solar current gives you security: solar energy is unlimited and available everywhere - it exceeds the needs of the world population many times over!
✓ Solar electricity creates peace: solar energy decouples from oil and gas in the risk areas. Whether north or south, poor or rich, the sun is available to all. The account of the solar energy goes no wars over oil, gas, uranium or coal.
✓Solar current secures pensions: The solar roof supplies all of them with electricity that otherwise would be more expensive. The sun sends no bill!
(Franz Alt, Member of the Bundestag)
✓Solar electricity is generated decent rally, strengthens the region and makes it independent of conventional power plants.
✓Solar electricity creates energy awareness - this is how our own power generation on the roof moderately affects our energy consumption.
✓Photo voltaic systems have a long performance guarantee. They pay for themselves in a very short time (1-3 years).
✓Photovoltaic systems are low maintenance. The solar modules are stable, have no moving parts and do not wear out.
✓Photo voltaic systems are modular and flexibly adaptable to individual performance requirements and can be extended as required.

Make Money with Solar

Earn money with a solar system A solar system is not just environmental protection. You can even earn cash with your own investment. The production of renewable energies is actively promoted by the EEG Renewable Energy Sources Act. Thus, the operator of a solar system receives a feed-in tariff for each kilowatt-hour that he feeds electricity into the public grid.

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Solar energy is on everyone's lips against the background of scarcity of resources, rising energy prices, environmental destruction and climate damage. Whether television, radio or press - solar energy is seen as the main pillar of the future energy supply.