Net Metering

Net Metering for Home Solar Panels and Benefits of Net Metering

Net-metering is a system of metering electricity. It allows a better management of solar self-consumption, a mode of energy consumption more and more acclaimed

Net-metering balances its electricity meter between solar self-consumption and photovoltaic power generation. It is an intelligent “inverted” counter system that automatically calculates what is produced and consumed locally, which is injected into the network and what is pulled from the network.

Net measurement is a type of counting method commonly used in solar systems in many countries around the world. It allows residential and commercial customers the power of the utility grid to implement solar grid-free systems without battery but do not have to worry about what to do with the extra power. Because the net measure allows them to generate their own electricity from solar energy to power the electricity they do not use back into the grid. Many countries, states and provinces have adopted net metering laws in different formats.

Or otherwise on the basis of local regulations, the meter can record both the utility’s electricity import and the export of excess energy to the disco.

Indeed, the idea is that when the solar plant produces electricity during the day, part of it is consumed on site. The surplus of solar production, estimated between 20 and 40% of the production, is then injected into the network. To find your way around, the electricity meter turns “upside down”, automatically crediting electricity. In other words, the meter will reduce the number of kWh drawn from the network. When the photovoltaic system no longer produces (at night) or not enough (the days of bad weather), the home draws electricity from the grid in a traditional way.
In this configuration, the energy billed is therefore equal to the kWh consumed, from which the credits obtained for each kWh injected into the network are deducted.
This inverted meter system allows “green” electricity producers to be able to self-consume while reducing their electricity bill. Net-metering is a seemingly simple and logical system to navigate the bill between consumption and self-consumption!

What is gross count?

Many governments and discs set the requirement for a solar roof or captive system to be installed under a gross metering mechanism. In these systems, the solar energy generated is directly fed by the grid. These types of systems are connected to the grid by a separate connection and have a separate counter that is usually called as a raw counter. 

Therefore, it becomes very attractive for customers to install a solar system and apply for gross counting scheme with disco.

Gross Metering System

A gross metering system generally requires a certain set of standards to be met. The main equipment of the solar system must meet the relevant standards set either by the governmental authorities or by the local disco (distribution network).